I am looking for the right investors and partners.

      • A space to work and study
      • Connect with bright and chivalrous minds
      • Train outdoors, do martial arts and get into cold baths
      • Eat locally farmed and sourced foods
      • Capitalism has shut down our souls and our quest for truth
      • We spend our life in cars, offices and underground gyms. There is more to life than these boxes
      • Individualism is killing collective purpose. We need brotherhoods that push us to aim higher
      • Being a digital nomad does not help build families and societies
      • We live on our phones because we are not disconnected from the real world and nature


    founder of Brennos and the Oppidum

    I dedicated my life to learning and helping hundreds transform their lives during retreats. I am now a personal mentor to influential figures.

    Having studied various cultures around the world, martial arts, nutrition and esoteric teachings, I embrace an very unique approach. Both down to earth, and highly philosophical.

    Now is the time to make a deeper difference and build the citadel, for the people.