Brotherhood of Human growth

A new standard for Human Development

The human being is composed of three main parts, all interconnected, that must be addressed, strengthened and balanced. They are reflected in the way our brain is organized.

Our neocortex, our limbic system and our brain stem are wired to make us strive for:
- Wisdom
- Happiness
- Health

SPIRFIT aims to bring those three parts in one system by gathering the best tools and methods that have existed in spiritual tradition as well as more contemporary science.

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An intense and course designed to raise human development standards and build communities.
For 4 days and 5 nights, SPIRFIT seminars are the most efficient, intense and playful way to optimize brain health, learn to rewire our emotions and improve our vitality. Here are the activities we engage in daily.


From Tibetan Buddhism to vipassana and zazen, we learn and practice very specific meditation methods in order to become more autonomous on this practice.

Many spiritual traditions teach meditation, but it is a notion that is not well understood. Analytical meditation, placement meditation, being in the present moment and exercises to develop focus are all different techniques that we should all be able to distinguish and use. This is what we do together.


We strive to give a framework for personal and spiritual development.

One of the main topics is philosophy, which aims to give perspectives on how to answer life's big questions.

Stoicism, Buddhism and theosophy are amongst the main subjects we study, in order to gain clarity on our paths as human beings in this life.

We also have debate games to improve the way we communicate and get our points across.


We move and we breathe every day to increase our energy and release accumulated tension.

Whatever the level, there is always a way to get outside, play, compete, have fun and perform natural movement.

Whether it is sunny or rainy, we make sure everyone gets their daily dose of physical activity.
We also teach advanced breathing techniques, such as the Wim Hof method, the Oxygen Advantage or Breath of Fire.


Some hate it, some love it; ice baths are a formidable way to get out of your comfort zone and use your mind and breath to control your stress.

We help you get into it and enjoy its many benefits. We use baths, lakes and oceans to help people improve on this exercise.


Each year, new groups are made during seminars. Participants go through intense life changing moments and share them with like- minded people.

This makes for relationships that are built to last and it gives a renewed sense of purpose.


We cook together as both healthy nutrition and teamwork are key aspects of the practice. We eat together and spend our evenings together. The entire day is structured in a way that favors human interaction from morning to evening.

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My background

I have been passionate about spiritual development since I was 17 years old.

Spirfit is the result of over a decade of research, practice and teaching workshops.

Although papers aren't the end goal, I am a Certified Instructor in :
• Oxygen Advantage
• Animal flow
• Krav Maga

Besides, I have a solid experience in :
• Zen & Tibetan Buddhism
• Wim Hof Method
• Freediving
• Martial Arts

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What will I actually do during workshops?

Immersive Experiences are 5 day courses designed to reignite and clear up your energy, your emotions and your mental space. This is done through a mix of practice and theory which has been refined time after time.

Everyday, up to 7 modules are offered. The entire group confronts and engages actively in meditation, philosophical debate, artistic activities, sports, ice baths and so on.

Some things are easier, some are harder. It is personal. It is by getting out of our comfort zone in a playful and pedagogical way that we make progress. This experience is unforgettable both on a personal level and a collective dimension.

I don't do sports / I have a physical disability

You can start with us! We welcome people from various ages and walks of life. As long as you are willing to integrate to the group and make an effort, we will take care of you.

If you have specific disabilities, feel free to reach out to know whether the Experience you are interested in can cater to your needs.

I have never done meditation

Firstly, you are not alone. Half our participants are beginners in terms of meditation.

The good news is, you will start off with the best! Meditation is such a misunderstood and wrongly taught art that you will benefit from starting with us, with the right mix of theory and practice.

I struggle to manage my emotions

You have come to right place. Meditation, breathe control, group dynamics and artistic expression are single-handedly the best ways to make progress on this issue.

Stress, anxiety and emotions management is a huge topic in our modern society. Our approach is cathartic (liberating), expressive and analytical (structuring).

We engage in multi-dimensional activities with a lot of kindness and a trusted atmosphere which has helped transform the lives of dozens of participants.

I eat a specific diet

We usually prepare food and eat together as a group. Our preference is for organic, unprocessed foods with a enough daily protein and a morning intermittent fast. However, if you have specific requirements, you are free to tell us about them so we can make sure your needs are met.

We are big on personal responsibility and team spirit, so we expect you to be proactive about your needs.

What should I bring to the workshops?

We will tell you what you need as the date gets closer.

As a general rule here is what is needed:
- a gum-shield (required)
- a meditation cushion (optional but comes in handy)
- whatever you need for personal hygiene
- boxing gloves (optional)
- yoga mat (optional)

- sports clothes and shoes
- proper clothing for the closing ceremony (ie. shirt)
- loose clothes for meditation
- a rugged set of clothes if outdoors get messy

How should I prepare for workshops.

The better prepared, the more you will benefit. And most importantly, the better you will connect with others and inspire them to be better themselves.

Try and come in as healthy as possible, improve your nutrition, your sleep and your personal hygiene several days before you come.

I already have a personal development practice

Whether you are a Yogi, an advanced Buddhist meditator, a Zazen practitioner, a Shaman follower or engage in any other spiritual practice, Spirfit is adequate for you. If you are an experienced practitioner, you will benefit in three ways : Lead, Reboot, Structure.

Lead : Purpose is found through the acting for others benefit. If you have a skill, inspire others to develop it.

Reboot : Every once in a while, we benefit from an immersive group experience to reignite all of our aspirations, our ideals and our overall energy.

Structure : Spirfit brings theory and frameworks that help us categorize our inner and outer life efficiently.

I am an athlete - will I be bored?

That's great, we do a lot of metabolic activity such as breath-work, ice baths and sports.

Also, we are on a mission. Come share your skills and lead by example. There might be other participants who need to be inspired by people who have a certain degree of physical development.

This is not a bootcamp. This is a collective experience aimed at stimulate the three dimensions of our inner life, not just the physical part of it.

I am religious / I am NOT religious

Your religious views and practices are personal and do not come into play in Spirfit. Whether you want to pray before you take a meal or if you do not believe in any type of god is totally fine, as long as you do not interfere with the group's work.